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WAYO remains committed to individuals requiring support in Dallas communities. Due to the extent of the COVID-19  crisis, we are providing emergency prepackaged food items, bottled water, clothing, personal hygiene products, first aid  items, latex gloves, and masks to homeless and economically disadvantaged individuals. The health and safety of  individuals receiving services, staff, and volunteers is our top priority. We practice social distancing, regular  handwashing, and the wearing of face masks. Throughout ongoing services, we are ensuring compliance with CDC  recommendations, Dallas County, and state health regulations.  

A growing number of people in the state of Texas do not have a place to live. Nearly 26,000 people in Texas are  homeless, with Dallas having the largest homeless population in the state. A homeless individual does not have access to  permanent housing and may live on the street, stay in a shelter, mission, single-room occupancy facility, abandoned  vehicle, or other temporary dwelling. The main reason for this problem is housing affordability in Dallas. There is a lot of  construction of rental supply but not enough is aimed toward people that are low-income.

Where Are You? Outreach is unique in meeting this need in that we partner with over 300 organizations, allowing us to  provide countless essential resources to the homeless through monthly events.

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